Dare to Play

nancydrew428 asked: Thanks for following me! Your blog is great and your name is so pretty. :) Have a wonderful day! ~ NancyDrew428

Thank you so much! I was actually having kind of bad day, but your message made me feel a little better. Nah, my name’s not really that pretty haha. I bet yours is prettier. :) Have a great day, as well!


does Nancy label all of her shirts with her initials?

or does she insist on only buying from brands with the initials ND?

possibilities are endless.


appreciation post for this conversation and also for the general adorableness of this friend group

just some gold i found from @actual_sonny ‘s twitter




761 caps || 640x480 || PNG || Download zip

All the screenshots you could ever need for your fan uses!
No cursor in the middle of the screen, no compression artifacts; the best screenshots you’ll find anywhere!
No credit is necessary, but it’d be nice so other people can find them too.
Sorry I can’t provide a photo gallery just yet; I can’t afford my own website right now.

This is great! Thank you!!



I call this collage

"Tumblr Made Me Do It: Nancy Drew Edition"


I like this puzzle because it allows me to use every swear word in my vocabulary. I even get to invent some new ones when Nancy declares the dress unfit to wear for the 800th time.


what is going on this is escalating too quickly calm down